About Paul Mobley


Paul Mobley is the quintessential portrait photographer. As much a director as a photographer, his ability to forge quick connections with his clients and put them at ease creates the possibility for strikingly intimate images. His years of experience photographing everyone from Amy Schumer to Zac Brown, combined with his contagious enthusiasm and willingness to take risks, allow him to approach each shoot with a confidence that leads to a fresh, unique portrait of the subject. Whether it’s a celebrity promoting his or her latest project or a 100-year- old farmer celebrating his family’s legacy, Mobley approaches his work the same way—he aims to capture the soul of the subject and present a compelling portrait that is authentic and timeless.

In addition to his corporate, advertising, and editorial work, Mobley has published four books of his photography with Welcome Books: American Farmer (2008), Everyday Heroes (2012), If I Live to Be 100 (2016), and American Firefighter (2017). For all four books, Mobley traveled around the country to meet the subjects in their hometowns and photograph these ordinary citizens leading their extraordinary lives. Mobley has also put together a traveling exhibition of his American Farmer photographs that will tour museums and colleges around the United States until 2022.

Mobley splits his time between New York and Los Angeles and lives with his wife, Suzanne, and their rescued shar-pei, Jessie. They have two daughters, Camden and Paige. In his spare time, he loves traveling, especially in Mexico; sampling tequila; and visiting Michigan to eat his mother’s Italian cooking.